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You will find answers to about our security technologies and security specialists service and more. Please feel free to contact us if you don't get your question's answer in below.

Although we do not have an official list of topics that are not allowed, we ask our users to stay professional and inoffensive. Keep in mind that that KnowledgeRhythm is built to connect speakers with event organizers and a broad appeal will generally garner more speaking events. We ask our users to practice professional discretion when deciding what topics and subjects to include on their profile.

We do not take any percentage or commission of your speaking or training fee, we just want to make sure you get found and booked by ensuring that the event organizers can easily contact you.

We work with schools, charities and universities across the world. We aim to connect event organizers from the schools and charities with speakers from a range of industry leading professionals, enthusiasts, activists, public figures and academics, free of charge.

Once a Speaker has expressed willingness to work with schools, charities or universities by selecting the relevant checkbox option on their profile, they instantly become searchable by the organizer. The organizer will then decide if the speaker will be suitability for their audience, and will get in contact. From there the speaker and event organizer will arrange the details about the talk: directly confirm timings, audience and the format for the event.

Apart from a few very basic checks to make sure speakers meet our Terms of Use, (ie. to make sure that all profiles and content stays within the realm of legality,) we do not do any checks on the content, or the quality of the speakers.

We know security and privacy are important to you, which is why we’ve made it a priority to provide strong security while giving you the freedom to control how much information you supply us with. We’re working with lawyers, website audit and security firms to protect your privacy from unauthorized access, and make KnowledgeRhythm safe. We have built in strong encryption to our site to keep your information safe.

Creating a profile is completely free. If you’d like to have extra services, such as additional visibility, emails about paid speaking opportunities, detailed statistics and other premium services, you can choose to upgrade to a Silver, Gold, Diamond or Platinum account.

We don’t charge any commission when an organizer contacts you, and it’s free for organizers to search and connect with speakers, trainers and moderators.

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